Tailored Services for your SME

netwolk offers you the hassle free IT solution for your company: We take care of hosting and backup of all your organization's data, while you focus on your business. To do this, we use our secure, certified and highly available Swiss data centers. You only receive the services you require for a monthly flat rate. At any time you can extend or reduce all services according to your needs.

We guarantee high data security, access protection and 99.95% system availability. There are no additional costs for you - all operational services are included. With our server location in Switzerland, your data remains in a politically-stable country.

We guarantee pure Swissness in IT.

The daily PC routine: Only the tip of the iceberg

The average user recognizes only a very small part of a company's IT infrastructure and processes. Aspects like being able to work smoothly and safely, operating costs and the risks entailed remain hidden from most employees.

We take care of everything that the user does not see - and, thanks to our services, do not need to see. This ensures a safe and stable working environment for your organization.

Data, E-Mail, Applications
  • Hardware,
    Redundancy and Maintenance

  • Software, Licensing, Inventory

  • Wireless, Internet, Network, Remote Access

  • Energy,

  • Downtime
    and Problem Solving

  • External Assistance and Costs

  • Training and Knowhow

  • Updates Bugfixes and Patches

  • Renewal and Capacity Planning

  • Backup, Safekeeping and External Storage

  • Image-
    Damage or Costs due to Downtime

  • Security, Access Protection, Audits and

  • Sabotage,
    External Attacks

  • Data und Network Security

  • Monitoring and Alerting

  • Fire,

Your Benefits

  • Flexible access to our services
  • Exclusively based on market leading products
  • Personal contact and one-on-one support
  • Decades of experience and extensive IT know-how
  • All services provided in Switzerland

an offer

Interested? Then contact us and receive a non-binding offer tailored to your needs!

"Due to the confidentiality of our data, we rely on a Swiss provider who can combine maximum security with our mobility requirements. netWolk has optimally implemented our transition to a cloud solution. »

Robert Hemmi, Managing Partner, TCP The Consulting Partnership AG